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Not your typical injury rehabilitation

How is GWAS Sports Therapy Different?


There are many reasons, but the most important is that we want to get you better and discharged as quickly as possible, not just back to normal life routine BUT back to sport at the level you were prior to your injury.  


We have studied numerous techniques, some of which are not taught on traditional Chiropractic or Physical Therapy courses.  Because of this, we have the skills necessary to avoid just manipulating patients or giving out basic physical therapy exercises you get handed out from the NHS or could just read online.  


We effectively relieve our patients’ symptoms and keep them out of pain for a longer period of time.  Our goal is not only to rid our patients’ pain, but we work to improve their function and return them to doing what they love, whether playing tennis, golf, running, cycling etc. – QUICKLY.  It is our goal to keep our patients doing what they love!


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* Combining these techniques and our innovative methodology makes us unique and separates us from other clinics and practitioners in the area.


* We do not offer cookie-cutter programming but treat each patient as an individual.  


* Our clinicians are not only practitioners, but are on staff with sports teams and lecture at top medical conferences and educational programs across the world.


* We work with local colleges & schools, and over 100 professional athletes every year!

* We offer a friendly, professional service that helps to care for and treat, as well as to prevent a wide range

  of problems from musculoskeletal pain and everyday aches, to sports injuries and work-related disorders.


* Our clients range from local sports team members to international athletes and pro-cyclists.


* We also act as the offical rehabilitation and medical providers for professional sports teams inc:

 ONEPro Cycling, Nikki Juniper Racing, Steele Davis Via Roma Race Team.

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* Remedial & Sports Massage * Hydrotherapy * Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) * Kenisology Taping (Sports Tape) *


* Rehabilitation Exercise Programmes * Localised Cyrotherapy * Bespoke & Designed to Suit You *


* Coming Soon * Dry Needling * Hot Stones * UltraSound Therapy *