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A little bit about us

GWAS was set up to bring together combined expertise and experience on all aspects of event managment and the complete supply chain for events.


We and our team of partners including CQC registered pproviders and other specialists within the industry work hands on with our clients to ensure your event or season is a success.


We have a team that has over 50 years of experience in pre-hospital and emergency care, events and event management as well as bespoke / sports medical services. From local sporting events and road races to World Tour road racing and International sporting events such as Judo, Rugby, Polo, Cricket, Hockey and of course Cycling to name a few.


We always design bespoke services for your event or your individual needs, we work with you from the first email to ensure you have the correct services on site for the duration of the event. We do not just roll out a standardised first aid team, we design the cover for your needs and all our staff are registered health care professionals.


We ensure that the services that we supply meet all your statutory and legal requirments for the relevant authorities and council areas that your event operates in. To add to your reassurance all our directors and managers are currently or have been active within one or more of the folowing areas of sport; Polo Players, Cyclists and Triathletes and have competed at National and International levels in Judo & Hockey.


We are a professional Sports Medical Event provider, bringing in Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, IHCD Technicians and registered EMT's for events and the sports industry across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.


GWAS was a response to the increasingly recognised need for bespoke high-quality medical facilities and critical care trauma teams at all levels of sporting & mass participation events. Event organisers are realising that a greater standard of care is necessary for their patrons/clients and also in order to relieve needless pressure on the ambulance service and hospitals and also to enhance the experience of those taking part.


Offering Medical Support with exceptional service, care and reliability to our clients and their patrons is our number one priority.



Please contact us for a quote or just for a chat.

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We do not use inexperienced race medical staff - why?


If you had a 3 day or even a 5 day course behind you would you want to be First on Scene on your own - If it was you or your relatives involved would you prefer an experienced, professional & registered health care professional, was there to take charge.

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