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Critical Care at the point of the crash roadside.


The UK's leading provider of medical cover for cycle races.


We provide World Tour race EXPERIENCED Medical Teams of U.K

registered pre-hospital care professionals.

Critical Care at point of crash - on scene in seconds.


For certain situations, such as high-risk road racing and time trials where emergency incidents can occur in a heart beat, wheels touch and riders go down, a critical care approach focusing on collaborative working with specialist pre-hospital practitioners coming together as a team at the roadside within seconds of a crash is necessary.


By utilising our critical care team, we are able to effectively “bring the hospital to the patient” and perform procedures and decision making that may only otherwise be possible in an Emergency Department setting.  Our specialist teams have experience of working within the pre-hospital environment with schemes like BASICS, but more importantly have vast experience working within cycle racing environments and can work with teams for a positive patient outcome.


They have access to additional equipment which allow them to carry out advanced procedures and clinical diagnostic testing, such as airway placement and drug therapy. Races covered by basic (FAW) first aiders just don't have access to the equipment, nor the clinical experience or qualifications to perform and therefore the patient outcome becomes reliant on an NHS response which in the rural settings of most races can be delayed due to locality or communication issues.

Minor Injuries - mid & post race.


As retired athletes that are still active within the sport, along with our experience at all levels of road racing from regional BC races to UCI world tour multi-stage racing, we completely understand and are prepared for a number of competitors that experience minor injuries namely road rash issues and strains and sprains following road race crashes that will potentially occur mid race.


Due to our experience, we also understand the dynamics of road races and the need for riders to get a RAPID roadside CLINICAL ASSESSMENT and IMMEDIATE TREATMENT to enable them to continue to race.


GWAS staff are adequately trained to manage these injuries and can provide an accurate diagnosis from advanced assessment techniques and treatment using current sports science based treatments.


Such techniques will determine whether participants can continue a race or more importantly be given a treatment plan that will prepare them for their next race! The most important thing for riders is racing ... not sitting in a team car.

Sports Science based treatment.


We are able to combine our knowledge of the sport of cycling with our knowledge in Sport and Exercise Science to ensure the competitiors in your race or series of races get the best ongoing medical support.


Research in exercise science is concerned with the use of exercise as a model to contribute to our understanding of physiology and biochemistry at all levels, from the molecular to the whole body. Exercise involves the integrated actions of all the body's systems, and a knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, psychology and nutrition is essential to understand how athletes respond and adapt to the stress of intense exercise such as a tour series or stage race.


Each race has its own characteristics that require optimisation under the full range of environmental conditions encountered by riders. Using information from the latest research articles such as Medicine of Cycling and other publications enables us to provide riders with advice on current techniques and strategies to give them the edge, by optimising their performance following injury.

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Medicine of Cycling



Medicine of Cycling seeks to improve the quality of care for cycling athletes across the globe.


Cycling sometimes feels like NASCAR, but without the roll cage. Racers crash at 40 mph wearing just a helmet and some Lycra. The care they get is highly variable, depending on their insurance coverage, location, and who they know.


We are working towards something better.


At GWAS our MD and cycle lead is one of only 6 Medicine of cycling professional members based full time in the U.K.



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